There are no limitations against foreign students wishing to study at Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid:


Short-notice Visa applications for an entrance exam at the Conservatory:


In case you are travelling to us from abroad for an entrance exam und require a Visa at short notice, you can request a written invitation. We will need to receive the following documents (either by email, fax or post):

•    A copy of your passport (first page)
•    Homeland address
•    Indication of the course you wish to study, including a short description of your previous knowledge and experience.
•    A suggested time period during which you can come to Vienna to take an entrance exam.

Upon receipt of these documents, we will send a written invitation to your home address / email address and will inform you of the date and time.

Obtaining a Student Visa for the Conservatory:

The documents which you will need from Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid in order to acquire a Student Visa can be obtained once the entrance exam and enrolment have been completed and a prepayment of 3 months worth of tuition fees (including registration fee) has been made to us. 

After passing your entrance exam you will need to fill in a registration form with your personal contact details etc. and sign a contract for one year of study.

•    You will also need to provide the following items / documentation in order to enrol with us:
      i. The exam paper from your entrance exam
      ii. Passport
      iii. 2 passport-size photographs
      iv. € 652,- prepayment for candidates who require a student visa.

Optional: For the recognition of previous artistic studies towards your Diploma, please bring copies of the relevant documentation (e.g. a certificate) as proof, with an accredited translation into either German or English. The directors of the Vienna Conservatory will accredit these previous studies if relevant and suitable.

NB:  Payment can be made either via cash in our main office or via bank transfer. With cash payment, all documents necessary for the Visa application can be issued straight away. If payment is made via bank transfer, we will send you all necessary documents via post or email after receipt of payment.

Bank details for payment transfer:
Recipient: Vienna Konservatorium
IBAN: AT70 1400 0037 1007 4304 (Account number: 03710074304)
BIC: BAWAATWW (Sorting Code: 14000)
Payment Purpose: Aufnahmeprüfung (AP), Name , Geburtsdatum (= Entrance exam, Name, Date of Birth)

The application for the Student Residence Permit (Student Visa) is to be submitted to the Austrian Embassy (Consulate) in your home country. For some countries (e.g. the US, Japan, South Korea), the application can also be submitted in Austria. You can gain further information directly from the Austrian Embassy!

In the event that you have applied for your visa after your first visit to Vienna Conservatory of Mag. Eva Maria Schmid, your course of study will commence immediately after enrolment. After obtaining your visa, please report briefly to the main office before attending your classes!


Student flats:

We are able to provide short-term living arrangements in Vienna for our students. Student flat reservations can only be made in our main office.

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